Weekly Reflection: Off Road Church

under constructionAnybody who has been to UUFSC recently knows that our church as become “off-road.”  With all the construction on Kiernan Ave, transforming it into a four lane split highway, you will have a bit of a bumpy ride driving into the church driveway.

But, there is a way I kinda like those 10 seconds of bumpiness.  It’s easy to think that “spiritual” stuff should be light, happy, smooth, and peaceful.  But in fact, I know I have seen my spirit grow the most when times were bumpy.   Church is a place that nurtures spirituality, not a place that guarantees easiness.  Church is a place where we are all “under construction.”

off road churchThis Sunday is my first leading worship as the newly settled minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stanislaus County.  As many Unitarian Unviersalist congregations do, we kick off the start of our official church year with a Water Communion Ritual.  You are invited to bring a little water from a special place, from your kitchen sink, or to bring none at all in honor of the drought.  And if you want to support our children for their special blessing part of the ritual, please bring blue, green, or purple ribbon, string, or fabric– anything that you can wave and twirl!