Weekly Reflection: Love, Cookies, Coffee, Justice

love justiceI am sitting here in my office, sorting through the awesome leopard print bag stocked full of gifts you all gave to me on Sunday, my first day leading worship as your called minister.  And I got a little teary.  I was just talking to someone about needing to get some local honey because I have started getting allergies and what do I pull out of the leopard print bag? Beekman Honey! (I’ve heard if you eat local honey, it helps your body adjust to the local allergens). A letter sharing your favorite places and stores, homemade jam, cookies, maps, guides, movie tickets, local roasted coffee, a subscription to the Modesto Bee (to name a few)….  So much caring and invitation that, yes, tears well up.

One of the reasons I felt we could be a good fit together in a shared ministry is how much caring, love, and labor came into and out of this congregation.  “Justice is what love looks like in public” says Rev. Dr Cornel West.  Without love, there is no true justice.  My job as your minister is to help you use all this love and caring to more fully live out your mission to be a transformative,healing, justice-making faith community.  On this 13th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, may we never forget how much this world needs UUFSC kind-of love.

I look forward to seeing many of you in worship this Sunday, where we will explore “Stumbling is Just Another Way of Moving Forward.”    And if you are interested in more ways to get involved at UUFSC, I hope to see you at the Committees Fair after the 11am worship!


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