Weekly Reflection: Starting-Up

pinwheelMost years, right around the beginning of September, my father usually writes me an email talking about how the new year really begins around September 1st, not around January 1st.  That’s what is feels like to him.  I then say something like “well, the Jewish New Year begins September-ish.”  And he says “well, then, they got it right.”

Regardless of ‘who got it right,’  there is a lot of newness right now and our congregation is certainly at a re-beginning point!  I am excited to share that our UUA District Executive will be coming to our congregation to help us start-off our shared ministry together.  Josh Searle-While will facilitate our rescheduled Church Council meeting on Saturday October 11th, from 1-4pm (thank you for your flexibility!)  He will then join us in worship on Sunday October 12th and facilitate a ministry-start-up workshop for all members after worship services, 12:30-2:30pm, where we will focus on clarifying hopes, expectations, healthy boundaries, and healthy communication for our shared ministry.

To (re)beginnings!  This Sunday, worship will be led by Mary Randall, honoring the International Day of Peace. I will be back with you all next Sunday and hope to see you at MoPride as well!


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