Weekly Reflection: Returning Again….??!!!!

Helen Million's Return Again piece from the UUFSC Friday afternoon art group.

Helen Million’s Return Again piece from the UUFSC Friday afternoon art group.

“Return again, Return to the home of your soul. Return to who you are, Return to what you are, Return to where you are born and reborn a gain” are the words to that UU hymn that has served as our spiritual theme this month.   And as I listen to the news stories about airstrikes in Syria, I grimace…..here we are again, in indeed returning, returning to a cradle of civilization, returning to complicated histories, and returning again to military intervention. Mary Randall reflected on Sunday that  “The Hebrew Bible, the Chinese sages, the eastern religious philosophers, Jesus and the early Christians all spoke of the idealistic yearning for peace, the effort to achieve and maintain it, ever with a shadow of futility.”    As we face the shadow of futility once again, coping with another American military intervention (what to do in the face of the bloodshed in Syria?), the work of faith is even more important. We humans are always faced with the shadow of futility and join together so that that shadow does not creep quite so closely.

My wife Katherine and I look forward to seeing many of you Friday night at PFLAG’s MoFest 8MoPride in Graceada Park on Saturday (I have been invited to offer the opening prayer!), and in worship on Sunday morning, where we explore Forgiveness and Beauty.


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