Weekly Reflection: Blowing in the Air Conditioning

After years of sweating in our sanctuary during the hot months (at least, that’s what you all tell me!), we finally have more air conditioning in the sanctuary.  The labor and special donations of some church members made this possible.  Hallelujah!  Joyous celebrat

UUFSC Chalice + Air Conditioner

ion? Song! Dance?  Or, rather, maybe not.  How the heck do you turn them on? On no, they are blowing out the candles and chalice! It is easy to think that we are feeling stressed, concerned, or uncomfortable because of a particular circumstance.  But it never ceases to amaze me that as soon as I get the thing I think I want, I can immediately take that dynamic of discomfort or complaint and bring it to the new situation.  It reminds me of Jon Kabat Zinn’s book on meditation entitled “Wherever you go, there you are.”  Frankly, this is why I pray and meditate regularly– because where ever I go, there I am.

I am so amazed by all the labor that members devote to this congregation, whether it’s installing new air conditioners or showing up early on Sunday to make sure we have enough candles that the new air conditioner will blow on.   Given the hopes and dreams you all have for this place, all the messages you wrote down on index cards in worship a few weeks back, you all sound ready to continue loving and laboring.  And with that love and labor,  we will again get to a time of installing the proverbial air conditioners, and we will again encounter the proverbial moment of figuring out how to use the dang new thing and how we can adjust the blowers so they do not blow out the candles.  We will change, grow, and adapt (in a newly climate controlled sanctuary at that!) And you know what? That sounds just fabulous to me, proverbially and otherwise!

Looking forward to seeing many of you this Sunday as we worship together and dig around the soul of liberal religion: religious liberty!


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