Where to draw the line

WP_20141029_010Speaking of boundaries, the universe was conspiring to embody my message of “boundaries are the trickiest things” from the sermon on Sunday.  The Board voted last month to re-stripe the parking lot because we were out of compliance and concerns had been expressed about liability issues.  So, Building and Grounds Committee got on it, got some bids, and contracted with a guy to do it.  This Tuesday morning Brenda rushes out to stop them from striping the wrong parking lot– the lot in front of the education building,the lot that already has lines!!!! Where to draw the line is a question we are asking ourselves, whether we are raising a child or re-striping our church parking lot!

I look forward to celebrating Dia De Los Muertos with you all this Sunday in worship. Please bring a memento of a beloved who has passed to add to our altar during worship. Many thanks to Mary R, Mary M, Mary L, Victoria C, Adlai F, Kathryn S, and Rita R for their decorating and ofrenda-creating labor!


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