Yonder Come Day


The inside of a 1932 Ford being rebuilt by a friend of mine in Modesto.

This month’s worship theme is Yonder Come Day, a song coming from the Gullah culture of the Georgia Sea Islands. (We will learn sing the song in worship on Nov 16th with Bernadette!). “Yonder Come Day” has a variety of meanings. One is to simply be glad for the day that is upon us. But also, this is a song that had been sung by enslaved people, who might have found new meaning in the song once their freedom was won. In this month of November, we have an opportunity to look more carefully around us at where there are struggles that need our attention.

What are we glad for? And what struggles need more of our attention?  After election day I heard many folks expressing discouragement, sadness, and fear.   In these moments, I really try to take the long view.  A country, an institution, a congregation– building and sustaining it requires the long view.   I think about the people who have sung Yonder Come Day…and before them, the ancient Hebrew rabbis sharing with their people that “It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it.”

Here is to incompleteness and refusing to desist! And to the singing and dancing we should do along the way….

I will be off this Sunday. Please offer a warm welcome to UU seminarian Jessica Clay who will be leading worship with worship associate Mary Randall on “The Spaces In Between.”


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