I know this rose will open

“I know this rose will open. I know my fears will burn away. I know my soul will unfurl its WP_20141113_005wings. I know this rose will open.”

Last night, at the Installation Planning Team* meeting, we were discussing the theme for this special service on January 25th, which the team decided would be “Courage.”  We had a lively discussion and one of the questions someone asked is “If our theme is courage, does that suggest we are afraid of something?”

We are all afraid of something. And in many UU congregations, there can be a fear of feelings– a fear of sharing feelings, of feeling feelings! We tend to be a heady people, fearful of where our hearts and bodies may lead us.   In our Start-Up Workshop back in October, one of our leaders said that she realized, for the health of the congregation, “I need to share how I feel…and I’d rather get a root canal.”

The question I am sitting with is how can we find the courage to share our feelings in appropriate, direct, and healthy ways?  And, I know this rose will open….




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