WP_20141112_007A member shared with me their concern that in the midst of our dreaming and planning, how can we make sure to appreciate what we have right now?  In our excitement for the future, are we forgetting to stop and look at those beautiful roses that Kathryn takes care of every Sunday?  The Pomegranate tree that is bursting with fruit?  It is hard to balance being present with the abundance of today and not get caught up in the future.  But today is the day we have. Now is the moment.  Next time you are at church, I invite you to check out the pomegranate tree, the roses, or the new landscaping planted around the church and the Block building.  In other words, literally stop and smell the roses and the drought resistant plants!

I look forward to worshiping with many of you this Sunday, where we will do a shared practice of gratitude for the abundance in our lives right now!  Also, please check your email inboxes for an invitation to the special Installation Worship Service on January 25th!


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