Lament and Waiting

I write this disoriented and sad and outraged. The news regarding the Eric Garner caseWP_20141203_005 in New York City on the heels of news of the Michael Brown police brutality case in Ferguson, MI…and yet these are not new stories.  This kind of systemic violence against people of color is old and built into the very fabric of our country.  Black people live in a different world than white folks like myself.  A friend asked a group of her white friends the following “Folks with white privilege, I’ve gotta know how it must feel to be respected,protected and safe? Question from a Black woman who doesn’t feel any of those things.”   Ouch, ouch, ouch on so many levels.   So many of us are hurt and struggling in our own particular ways– and yet our hurt is connected.   And we are asked yet again to bear witness to even more hurt–the pain of systemic racism.  It is so easy to get caught up in the superficiality of the Christmas season. Let us remember that the season of Advent is about focusing on the possibility that in midst of heartbreak and injustice, hope can be born– in the most unlikely of places.   How can our heartbreak and lamentation birth hope and justice?  What must we wait for and what can we wait for no longer?

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday, as I further explore some of these issues in our service The Luminous Dark.


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