Find A Stillness, Maybe Evening Boringness

black lives matter

Can you find Rev. Darcy in this photo? She is just one among many….Photo credit: Tim Hussin, Special To The SF Chronicle.

This meditative hymn, Finding A Stillness, has been in my head.  This season can be so full of ‘busyness’ for some of us, that finding a stillness is a distant hope.  And, even if we find stillness and quietness, what does it feel like? Is it boring?  I probably shouldn’t tell you all this but sometimes spirituality and spiritual practice, is, well, boring.  Last weekend, I joined fellow UUs in the Black Lives Matter March in Oakland.  I put on my clerical collar, wanting to represent our progressive faith tradition.  And then we stood…and walked some…and stood some more.  You couldn’t really hear any of the speakers.  Someone asked me if we should be doing something and I said. “Nope– actually, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing: showing up and being.”  Our ego easily drives us towards excitement and newness towards being a hero–and sometimes the most significant and meaningful things we can do are those things which are, in fact, not that all exciting.  I was not a hero. May we all find a stillness and maybe even a little boringness in this season and remember that the work of healing and justice may come in the least exciting places.

I look forward to worshiping with you many of this Sunday as we honor the stillness and darkness of Solstice.   As a reminder, the church office will close Thursday Dec 25th and will re-open Tuesday morning January 6th.  If you need to reach me for a pastoral emergency, please call my cell phone!


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