For What Do We Truly Yearn?

Desire, at least a shallow version of desire, swims around us this time of year. Want,want, want, want, want.  And once the wrapping paper is ripped off and thrown away, we will begin the want want want cycle again, if ever it ceases.  “We have always wanted something beyond what we wanted,” says liberation theologian, poet, and priest Ernesto Cardenal.   What is the want beyond what you want?

Rev Darcy's Christmas Tree in the Sunlight

Rev Darcy’s Christmas Tree in the Sunlight

I look forward to spending my first Christmas eve with many of you, a time when we will try to touch that something beyond what we have wanted.  And if we can’t quite reach that far, at least we can be together and sing and light candles.  Maybe our yearnings are for these  simplest of pleasures, things that aren’t that far at all.  Our Candlelight Christmas Eve service begins at 6:30pm.

As reminder, the church office closes on Wednesday December 24th at 2:30pm and re-opens on Tuesday morning January 6th at 9:30am. If you have a pastoral emergency during this time, please call my cell phone!


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