Highly successful changes are not about change at all…..


2015 Morning at the Peach Orchard

As we begin 2015, amidst all the talk of new beginnings, a new year…as we approach our Installation Worship service, honoring the beginning of a new chapter in UUFSC’s ministry, I find myself mulling over the following quote by Harvard professor and leadership guru Ronald Heifetz in a presentation he did (you can watch the whole thing here)

I know frequently when we talk about leadership, we focus on change. But highly successful changes are mostly not about change at all.  They are about identifying what is essential and precious in the values, traditions, shared language and understandings that you want to bring with you into the future.”

Newness is not about discarding the old–it’s about identifying what is essential and precious.  I love that phrase: ‘essential and precious.’  To whatever we deem essential and precious, let us hold tight!

What is essential and precious from you life and past? And where is there opportunity to embrace something new or different that better fulfills what you consider essential and precious?





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