Making Our Way Through the Fog

fogWow, I had no idea what fog could be like until this past week!  So much of the time, I could only see 50 or 100 feet in front of me…driving was so slow.

And yet, even though I had to slow down and keep my eyes fixed to the pavement markings to make sure I kept myself on the road, I still kept moving.

It has been a hard week, I must admit– foggy and slow as I worked with our congregational leadership to make some difficult personnel related decisions (please check your email for a special message from me regarding these decisions).  “Leadership is dangerous”  says Harvard Professor and leadership guru Ronald Heifetz.  Yup- and so is driving int the fog!  The spiritual path is not easy but man, it is worthwhile.  We just gotta keep moving, slowly and surely.

I know Adlai and Matthew have spent a lot of time preparing worship for you all this week– it will be my Sunday off, as I spiritually prepare myself for the upcoming Installation Festivities…And yes, that includes cleaning my apartment because my parents are coming into town!


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