Courageous Love

There are two phrases that stick out in my mind from our incredible Installation Worship. 10945781_1133573016659291_1077377645430742129_nFirst, Rev. Kathy Huff telling us that the meaning of life is to realize this: “You Are Not Alone.”  Second, Rev. John Buehren’s in his charge to the congregation: “The church does not belong to the minister. It does not even belong to the members.  It belongs to the mission.”

In looking through the photos, I chose these photos of the food.  A colleague once told me that you can tell a lot about a congregation through food.  And what a story we told at the Installation! Under the leadership of Sarah B and Doreen S, we coordinated an incredible and beautiful buffet of food provided by the members of the congregation.  This congregation labors, this congregation loves.

10351611_1133572823325977_4644744343405545549_nSo, with all of our powerful labor and love, what is next for us? What do we do with our courageous love?

One next step: I will be joining a group of UUFSC members this weekend for Beloved Conversations- Meditations on Race and Ethnicity at our sibling UU congregation in Fresno, led by Rev. Dr. Mark Hicks, creator of the program.  You can learn more about Beloved Conversations here:

And I hope to worship with many of you this Sunday, exploring one aspect of UU Courageous Love: reproductive justice!

P.S. I will be out of the church office all next week, attending a National UU Minister’s Professional Development Conference in Pacific Grove, CA.  For pastoral emergencies, please call my cell!


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