Not Alone, Not Alone, Not Alone


UU Ministers Worshipping

I am writing to you from  Pacific Grove, California and the Asilomar Conference Center, where I have gathered with 500 other UU ministers from around the country. We are worshipping, eating, and learning together.

One of the things I love about honest conversations with colleagues is how I get reminded, over and over and over again, how I am not alone–that I am not even

Rev. Jacqui Lewis preaching to UU Ministers

Rev. Jacqui Lewis preaching to UU Ministers

unique.  My insecurities and concerns about finding enough time for creating and planning good, moving, transformative worship?  Yup my colleagues share them.  Wrestling with UU’s value of individualism vs the needs of a healthy community?  Yup, they are struggling with that too.  Sharing about difficulties we have balancing being ‘chief of staff’ and ‘pastor’?  Uh huh we all say.   We are not alone.  I am not alone.  You are not alone.

What is weighing your heart down? Who can you share that with, who will be with you so you can be reminded that YOU are not alone?

This upcoming Sunday, I will be out of the pulpit and Worship Associate Sharon A.

The big picture: aerial photo of Asilomar conference center

The big picture: aerial photo of Asilomar conference center

will be leading worship: “Honoring and Serving Those with Dementia and Their Loved Ones.”  So many us are or will be caring for fragile loved ones.  Members Jim S, Doreen S., and Bob J. will share some of their experiences, so that we may find some strength, hope, and wisdom to continue expanding how we love.


One thought on “Not Alone, Not Alone, Not Alone

  1. Hi Rev. Darcy: So glad you have the opportunity of sharing & learning with your colleagues; I know how much that helps. You are also in one of my most loved areas, Pacific Grove. Manuel and I were married in Carmel and we often return to Pacific Grove/Asilomar area and take walks and/or “sits” along that beautiful walking path. You will be missed on Sunday.

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