I do not think “blossomings” is technically a word, but one of the joys of being a minister is WP_20150212_005using the authority of poetic license.  This photo comes from a Walgreen’s parking lot in Ceres–I was driving by and saw these beautiful trees. (I know they are not almond trees, I have been here long enough to know what an almond tree looks like!)  So I pulled over, jumped out of my car,  and meandered through the trees taking photos while people pulling out of the drive-thru pharmacy gave me strange looks.

It was good to be away last week, by the ocean, with colleagues and friends at the UU minister’s conference.  And it is good to be home.  I have heard so much about the almond blossoms–finally, I get to experience them myself! Almond blossoms and whatever those tree blossoms were next to the Walgreen’s in Ceres.

Amidst our mundane and usual, remember to act strange and put your nose up close to blossomings, even in the middle of a Walgreen’s’ parking lot.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday morning: “What Love Got to Do With It?”



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