Blossom to Leaf

I walked into the education building last week and walked into this: WP_20150225_010“YEAH” I exclaimed.  I peaked into the office to find Debbie S. busy at work, sorting, clearing out, and tidying up the Religious Education office.  Make sure to peak your head in to check it out!

To make room for the new, we must clean, sort, discard, and rearrange. The Spring season is upon us– this Saturday night/Sunday morning is already Daylight Savings!  Do you have plans to do some Spring cleaning?  What new energy do you need to make room for by cleaning up and out?  This congregation has been engaging in a lot of cleaning up and out these past couple of years– though it has been quite challenging at times, there is much to be proud of.

This Sunday, we will celebrate freshness and newness– Nurturing Our Blossomings. We honor the ways we are all blossoming and dedicate ourselves to the families and children of the congregation who have joined in the past couple of years.  The 11am service will be mulitgenerational!

Also, I will be taking study leave next week.  If you have a pastoral emergency, please call me on my cell phone! Otherwise, I will return emails and phone messages when I return on Tuesday March 17th.

Blossom to Leaf

Blossom to Leaf


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