Becoming Love’s People

I spent part of my study leave this week meeting with a small group of colleagues for two days of spiritual and theological reflection on Emerging Theologies in Unitarian Universalism.  We gathered in a Episcopal retreat center in Sonoma County that was founded as a convalescent home for children living with chronic illnesses.  We stayed in my favorite building– the Lydia House, which was built to house mothers seeking respite from care-taking responsibilities.  A place built for reproductive justice!

When we had a break, we drove to the ocean and passed by this oddly New England,WP_20150311_008  looking Catholic church.  Apparently, as a sign informed us, this was the church Alfred Hitchcock used in his film “The Birds!”

Church. Fellowship. Congregation.  Our buildings look all kinds of different ways, but what we are doing is being a church.  We are trying to be a place that is different than what is outside of our walls.  We are trying to be a sanctuary that cares and nurtures, as well as a community that transforms those within and outside of our walls.  How has our congregation nurtured you? How has it transformed you?   And a religious community is not all about you– it is about US.  So how do you want to nurture UUFSC? And how do you want to transform us?

This Sunday, Janice Goodloe and guest preacher Rev. Meghan Cefalu will lead worship: Becoming Love’s People.  Rev. Cefalu writes that “the heart of our faith, the central claim of Universalism, is that we are all worthy of God’s love. But for many of us the Christian theological language and imagery does not resonate. Imagine if new language and new ways of thinking about the Holy could open your heart and renew your spirit.”

Rev. Meghan Conrad Cefalu is a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry. She has served as a UU parish minister in Kansas, Missouri, Grass Valley, CA and Newton, Massachusetts. Currently between congregations she is enjoying the opportunity to lead services at UU congregations all over northern California – her beloved home state.


At the end of our first day together, my colleagues and I sat around chatting about our ministries– what was going on, the joys and challenges. This is what the table looked like right before we went to bed. Notice the abundant La Croix cans and the Rolling Stone magazine with Madonna on the cover- a magazine a colleague brought for me!


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