Love is the strongest force

There are many things I did not know about Ted H, our beloved member who passed away recently.  Sitting down, with his family, I got to learn a little more about him. One of which was that a one point in his career, he was one of the top experts on gravity.  Gravity– that turned me to this excerpt from poet and writer Joy Harjo:

“I understood love to be the very gravity holding each leaf, each cell, this earthy star together.  I believe love is the strongest force in this world, though it doesn’t often appear to be so at the ragged end of this century. And its appearance in places of drought from lovelessness is always startling. Being in love can make the connections between all life apparent—whereas lovelessness emphasizes the absence of relativity.”

Scene out my car window on my ways to Greens.

If love is gravity, Ted H. had one heck of a gravitational pull.   In this moment, when videos of the shooting of Walter Scott are saturating the news, indeed this is a ragged moment when love does not appear to be so strong.   In our own lives, how can we make our own gravitational pulls even stronger?  Who do we need to pull into our orbits of radical, justice producing love? Ted H. faced hardship in his life and through it he was able make love his strongest force.  May we all find and live out such wisdom.

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: Never Port or Harbor Have You Known. Amidst all the risks of living, the peril, tragedy, and betrayal, are there any safe harbors?


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