Live Gently

This morning, driving up Prescott to church, right before Pelandale, traffic was backed up. I craned my head around trying to see what was going on. I felt annoyed.  And then I saw why we were stopped:

WP_20150514_002bA family of geese were crossing the road. I watched the baby geese waddling in between the grown-ups.  A big sigh left my body….then I realized my breathing had been shallow, so I took a big breath as I watched the goose family cross the road, all the traffic stopped, seemingly patiently waiting in middle of the morning rush.  Our world can be brutal and rushed.  And sometimes, there is a moment of grace when everything slows down.  Where is your moment of grace and slowness?

I am looking forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday at 10:00am, as we begin our summer schedule: Being a Serpent and A Dove–“Be as wise as serpents, innocent as doves,” said Jesus to his disciples. How can we be wise, yet not cynical? Innocent, yet not naive?


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