Play with them even if you don’t agree….


Railroad bridge off Cayuga Lake, Cayuga NY–close to where I grew up.

“As long as there is democracy, there will be people wanting to play jazz because nothing else will ever so perfectly capture the democratic process in sound. Jazz means working things out musically with other people. You have to listen to other musicians and play with them even if you don’t agree with what they’re playing. It teaches you the very opposite of racism and anti-Semitism. It teaches you that the world is big enough to accommodate us all.” -Wynton Marsalis

According to Marsalis, jazz embodies democracy– it means working things out with other people, listening, and playing with them even when you don’t agree.  And the result of that working out? Well, it can be beautiful, soul-stirring music.  And if jazz is the music of democracy, and UUs are the religion of democracy, well then it makes a whole kind of sense for us UUs to do Jazz Sundays like we are doing this Sunday, with special guest musicians Karen Bucio’s New Horizon’s Jazz Band (it was previously announced that the guest musicians were Ernie Bucio’s Little Big Band, but this was incorrect! Apologies for the confusion!)

We will also be honoring our children who are ‘bridging’ up to a new RE class, as well as acknowledging and honoring the hard work of our RE committee this year. The CYRE team not only operated without a religious education staff person from the middle of October to the end of April, but also have been welcoming and on-boarding our new Religious Education Coordinator right at the end of a long church and school year. Talk about having to pull together, self-organize, and improvise!

So many things in church life do not come easy– and yet the process of working through things, even when we feel hurt and misunderstood, can be beautiful and produce beauty.  When musicians get together and improvise, you don’t know what is going to happen and it might not always sound quite “right.”  But when we show up and communicate, when we play our instruments and stick to it, we can make beauty happen.  As Thelonious  Monk put it, “the piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday!

Please note: Our office administrator Brenda is going on vacation- she leaves Saturday June 13th and returns to the office on Tuesday June 23rd.  If you would like an announcement to go into the June 18th weekly e-blast, please email those announcements to Brenda no later than Thursday June 11th at 12 noon.

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