Enticing Possibilities: A New Coat of Paint

Wow, wow, wow– the scaffolding has come down and we can appreciate all of the labor

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

many of you did to bring even more beauty to our church campus.  And Bob S. even put in a light in the tower, so when you drive by in the evening, our sanctuary is literally shining!

For me, beauty is not just a superficial nicety– it is essential in my theology. In the words of Rev. Patricia Adams Farmer, “the poet of the world lures us always and forever toward  Beauty. The divine poet beckons and persuades and lures us forward with enticing possibilities.”   I pay attention to beauty– I notice what is enticing, because that is the path I suspect will lead towards precious and important experiences.  What does this new coat of paint say about us?  What are we ready for?  What possibilities do we find enticing for this religious community?”

And what I love about the all the repair work and painting is that it was does almost entirely with our hands– the love, care, and labor you all provided.  Literally, our sanctuary in it’s rejuvenated condition was a labor of love.  How beautiful is that? How beautiful are we?

I’m so looking forwarding to worshiping with you all after many weeks away! This Sunday, I will lead worship with Matthew Mason and guest musician Richard and Maureen Hall of Bliss Hippy.  It will be a music-filled service, where we explore and experience the wisdom of play.

Also, send good thoughts to our Board members, as I will gather with them for a 24 hour retreat Friday night through Saturday evening at St. Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista.  Rev. Dave Sammons, minister emeritus of our congregation in Walnut Creek, will facilitate as we cultivate leadership skills and plan for the future!


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