Below Us, Mountain and Plains

This year, each month’s spiritual theme is a line from one of our congregation’s favorite hymns, Blue Boat Home: “Below Us, Mountain and Plains.”  This Sunday is Ingathering and Water Communion,  where the congregation gathers again after a summer where some of us traveled and some of us stayed put; where some of us got some down-time and some of us just kept on working.  From all our different paths, we come together to remember.  Remember that we stand on sacred ground, upon Mountains and Plains, that we are here because others were here before us.  There are so many stories that are so easily forgotten. We gather so we do not forget.

This week is the 50th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike.  Though many of us think

about Cesar Chavez and Mexican farm workers (at least I did), I just learned that it was Filipino grape workers, organized by Larry Itliong, who started the Delano Grape Strike. Cesar Chavez and his farm workers joined it two weeks in.  Filipino workers had been organizing for decades leading up to the now famous 1965 Delano Grape Strike.  It was a historic and inspiring moment when Filipino farm workers joined with Mexican farm workers to form the United Farm Workers union.   Members of this congregation were active in supporting farm workers in the Central Valley and even housed some in the congregation!  There are just so many stories to unearth, remember, and bring into the future.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday for our Ingathering and Water Communion service- ONE service at 10am.  (Next Sunday, September 20th, we switch to our two-service Sunday schedule).   Please bring water from somewhere special or someplace mundane, water that represents the literal/spiritual journey of your summer.

And this Saturday, I will see many of you at Modesto Pride at the Park at our UUFSC booth– wear your rainbows!


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