Mystery and Church

I chuckled as I drove into church today. Because this is what I found:

ChairA chair, sitting in the parking lot.  And I wondered how and why it got there.  Life is full of mystery, big and small.  We go through our daily lives, focusing on our task lists and getting stuff done– it is easy to forget about the mystery and wonder that surrounds us.  Being part of a church community like ours is so that we take the time to be reminded of the mysteries of life.  Yes, bigger mysteries than just why and how the chair got out in the parking lot.  Mysteries and miracles like birth, death, and survival.  The mystery of how we survive grief and trauma.  In these senses, mystery is not about ‘not understanding.  ‘mystery.’  You may understand grief as a concept, but those who go through it will describe it as a strange, kind of mysterious process.  We may understand evolution, but how incredible is it that you exist, in this moment, in a universe where so much is non-living? What mystery can you experience today?

Worship associate Janice Goodloe will lead worship this Sunday with guest speaker Brett Dickerson: The Trials and Tribulations of a Backslidin’ Christian.  Brett will reflect about the arduous spiritual journey of those who lacked indoctrination into a certain belief-set at a young age.  How does one reconcile a desire for faith with the manifest implausibility of so much that faith must inevitably be founded upon?

Brett’s Bio:  Brett Dickerson, born in Oakdale graduated from California State College, Stanislaus with a degree in business administration.  He has been an area real estate broker since 1987 and owned a real estate office in the Sierra Foothills being a three-time top producer award winner. He served on the Hetch-Hetchy Board of Realtors and was Chairperson of the Professional Standards Committee.  He graduated from Law school at the University of the Pacific, and McGeorge School of Law; Graduated with Distinction in 1996 and was selected to the Dean’s List all three years. He is a former shareholder in the Law Offices of Gianelli & Associates in Modesto. Brett opened a solo practice in 2012 in Oakdale which focuses on real estate and employment law and business litigation. As a licensed pilot he holds a commercial license. Brett has been married to Diane Dickerson for 31 years and his daughter Rachel is a CSUS alum and has just completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology at CSUS.


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