Our bodies are sacred and life is messy

As I listen to all the news recently about Planned Parenthood, as I listened to excerpts from Cecile Richards’ hearing with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, I thought about this photo that the senior minister of the UU Church in Dallas, TX shared this week:  he is welcoming Cecile Richards into their worship.

Minister welcomes Cecile Richards into worship at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

Minister welcomes Cecile Richards into worship at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

UU’s believe that the human body is good. We believe that our bodies are sacred and that life is messy.  We believe that each person is endowed with the authority to make the difficult ethical decisions we need to make in our lives and families–with support and help of their community of course.  Our values lead the vast majority of UUs (though not all) to support women’s access to reproductive health care services, including abortion-care.  The conversation does not end there, at least it shouldn’t.   UU congregations are some of the few spaces equipped to wrestle with the ethical and spiritual messiness that comes up when we begin truly sharing about our bodies, birth, and death–we want to deal with the realities of our lives without being shamed and blamed.

The people of Stanislaus County need a bold Unitarian Universalism that shares our unique wisdom, compassion, and spirituality.  Who is the “Cecile Richards” of Stanislaus County that we could welcome into our worship?

Speaking of social justice, today I am headed to Stanislaus County’s Summit on Homelessness!

This Sunday, Cathy Adams and Lori Wong will lead worship, as I am away attending the Fall Regional Meeting of UU Ministers. Their service is: Compassion is the Essential Ingredient. Hearing the cries of the world: Compassion is necessary to transform ourselves and our world


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