Politics vs Religion

Given the recent political candidate debates, I have politics on the mind.  Coming from a tradition that has long held to a strict separation of church and state,  I have a complicated confession to make: I don’t know if I think politics and religion are so easy to separate.  I mean, it’s easy enough to say a church institution should not be a government institution (I agree).  But what about a religious person in public office?  Can you really say your religion is a private matter that does not influence your judgment calls?  In truth, my faith strongly informs my politics.   Because Unitarian Universalism has long instructed us to focus on THIS world, has long told us that there is enough hell in this world to keep us busy (don’t worry so much about what comes after), of course how I approach politics is most definitely Unitarian Universalist.  And how we understand faith and spirituality and the public sphere is an area I think we UUs have something to offer.  We need more complex, nuanced ways of approaching values, beliefs, and figuring out how different-believing people can live together.

Church Pomegranates!

Church Pomegranates!

How does Unitarian Universalism inform your politics?  Which candidate is best going to represent Unitarian Universalist values?

I look forwarding to worshiping with you all this Sunday– our choir will be singing! Our worship will explore: Miscommunication–The biggest problem with communication is assuming it’s happened.  Worship leaders: Rev. Darcy, Tina Godsey, and Angel Holmes.


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