Justice Between People

If we fail to be practitioners of right relations in our chosen tribes, then our admirable pronouncements and contributions in the larger society are bogus. In actuality, it may be far tougher to practice our Unitarian Universalist principle of “justice, equity, and compassion in human relations” in our families and congregations than anywhere else.  – UU minister Tom Owen-Towle

Or in the words of feminist activist and former editor the AARP magazine, John Stoltenberg (who knew an AARP editor was a radical feminist?): “Justice between people is the most important connection people can have.”

Modesto sunrise in the November fog

Modesto sunrise in the November fog

“Kindred Pilgrim Souls” we sing we are when we sing Blue Boat Home.  There is a lot of time in our relationships when things may not feel so kindred.  Hurt, misunderstanding, frustration, disrespect..or worse, abuse.  How do we make justice not only “out there, for others” but make justice in here, for ourselves?  How we do things, how we run our church, how we relate to one another is not disconnected from our justice making efforts.

The problem with justice is often times it does not feel so comfortable.  In fact, if you are feeling uncomfortable, afraid, hurt, that may be the sign that you are digging into the work of justice and right relationship.  It’s not a spot you want to stay in too long…the question is, what is the next right step to make justice?  Much of the time, it will mean doing something that brings up feelings of vulnerability.  One of the reasons I feel I am a fit with UUFSC is because how much ‘caring’ is central to our community.  And there can be no justice with out that deep care.  Justice in relationship may be hard, but I came here to serve you all because I have faith we can do it together.

Speaking of justice in relationship….this Sunday after 11am worship, staff from our local Planned Parenthood will hold a 60 minute session in the sanctuary  sharing what UUFSC and other community members can do to offer support.  Planned Parenthood has reached out to UUFSC because it needs more community support to help to ensure patient access to services and to conduct community visibility and outreach.   They have experienced increased protests since the national news regarding Planned Parenthood over the summer.   The session will begin at 12:15pm.

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: With Loneliness– as we approach the holiday season, full of bustle and busyness for many, let us come out and be honest about the loneliness so many feel. Worship leaders: Rev Darcy, Tina Godsey, and Angel Holmes

Church member Kathryn S’s home burned down to the ground this week, as Kathryn and her husband were dealing with his recovering from surgery.  To support Kathryn, a longtime dedicated member who has generously offered her music to us for so many years, please write a check made out to UUFSC, with “Kathryn Swain House Fund” in the memo line. You can send it in or put it in the plate this Sunday.  Her family will let us know what items they may need.


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