You are kidding me-that’s the way gratitude works?

I got in my car, let out a big sigh.  I was feeling a bit stressed, so I asked myself “what am I grateful for?”  And I thought about how I hadn’t gotten a nail in my tire for awhile.  Last Autumn, in my first months with you all, I had gotten three or four nails in my tires, requiring a number of visits to the tire shop.  So I said to myself “I am really grateful I haven’t had any tire issues for awhile now.”

Then I turned on my car.


Brrrr! Modesto Frost

Wouldn’t you know it– the low tire pressure warning light flashed on.

All I could do was bust out laughing.  If there is something like what we mean with this word God, I bet s/he/it was laughing too.

Gratitude and laughter.  In midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, I hope you will join me in carving out a little more space for gratitude and laughter in our lives together.

This Sunday in worship, as we approach the longest night of the year, as the darkness literally slows our bodies and minds down,  we will try to appreciate slowness, even though so many of us can’t stand sitting still! Worship Leaders: Rev. Darcy and Sharon Arpoika

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service 6:30pm    Join us for music, meaning, singing and celebration. This year, we will hear the Jesus birth story as told in the Quran’s Maryam Surah.

Reminder: The church office will be closed starting Thursday Dec 24th and will re-open on Tuesday January 5th.   These weekly reflections will be on hiatus until the week of January 5th, as will the church’s weekly e-blast announcements.  For pastoral emergencies, please call Rev. Darcy’s cell phone.



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