There was a rainbow

I don’t know what else I really want to say beyond this: there was a rainbow over the orchards as I pulled out of the church parking lot yesterday.  A giant rainbow.

I watched my rear-view mirror, making sure no one was pulling up behind IMG_20160106_164459830 copyme in the turn lane.

And I sat there for a few moments and watched the rainbow.

I could see both ends of the rainbow planting itself somewhere.  There was that nostalgic pull to try to find the end of it– wouldn’t it be cool if I chased this rainbow down and stood in the middle of it wherever it ends?   And I liked that image– of me standing in middle of some orchard, surrounded in rainbow light and raindrops.

Then a car pulled up and I left the rainbow behind me.  I’ll take wonder and whimsy wherever I can get it.

This Sunday: Awakening the Force– Star Wars has evoked a sense of wonder in many of us. Where and how can we tap into wonder and imagination? How can we awaken the force?  Worship leaders: Rev.Darcy and Sharon Arpoika.  SPOILER ALERT:  Details from the Force Awakens will be revealed!

Join Me in “Gifts of Imperfection” Book Study
Sunday January 17th, January 31st, February 21st, and March 6th.
I will be leading a book-study on Brene Brown’s book “Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You Are Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.”

We will meet after church, 12:15pm- 1:45pm, on these Sundays: January 17th, January 31st, February 21st, and March 6th.

RSVPs are appreciated, drop-ins are welcome.  Please email Rev. Darcy with the subject heading “I’m in for Imperfection book study!” You should purchase your own copy of the book and come to the January 17th meeting having read up until page 49.   Please bring snacks and sandwiches to share!




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