This is what growing looks like

IMG_20160120_085229580 copy Muddy browns, cool greys…chunks of squishy mud.  Kind of yucky on one level.  And kinda of beautiful on another. And I bet those little baby trees (I’m sure there is a more technical term?) are LOVING it.

Because this is what growing looks like: sometimes you are a little twig in middle of a muddy, swampy soup of….well…mud.  And that is probably the best kind of environment for baby trees. (As I write this, I am thinking “wow, I hope this is good for the baby trees. Otherwise, I will be sending out a reflection on drowning baby trees….)

So today, I am giving thanks for for grey skies bringing us the delicious rain that create swampy soups of mud that feed our roots.

Sharon Arpoika and Matthew Mason lead worship this Sunday, as I take my monthly Sabbath weekend:  A Time for Wondering; A Time for Looking Forward–Each New Year is a time for wondering, a time for looking forward. Some of us have traditions or rituals tied to this holiday. Members are invited to reflect on “your tradition” and share either what your ritual is or what you look forward to in 2016.




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