Lenten Blossomings

I just got back from dropping off these flowers to the Modesto Planned Parenthood.  I wasPP flowers sitting in the church office, looking at my to-do list, and then I just said “I’m going go give flowers to Planned Parenthood.”  I am blessed that I get consider to this part of my job!  So I walked in, handed the flowers over to the receptionist, briefly described who I was and that I just wanted to give them a little TLC during Lent (when they often see an uptick in protesters) And then I walked out.  That was it. Not particularly exciting. Rather mundane and uneventful. But gratifying.

Pope Francis reminds us that at the heart of Lent is a sense of sacrifice, but not sacrifice for sacrifice’s sake– it’s about sacrifice that truly enriches the life.  Theologies of sacrifice are complicated, because too often some groups of people have been expected to sacrifice more than others.  And yet, we do all know that sacrifblossomsice is a part of life, particularly if we follow the Universalist call to Love the Hell out of this world.  As the Dr. Willie Parker, who is the last abortion care provider in Mississippi, said in a speech recently “We must plant trees under which we will not sit.”    As we enjoy (and take our Claritin) all the blossoming around us, let us remember who planted such trees and think about what trees we want to plant!

I’ll be out of the pulpit this Sunday— Janice Goodloe will be leading worship, with Mary Lee Preaching on the interdependent web of life.  rainbow flag

P.S. Doesn’t our rainbow flag kinda look like a bud that’s about to bloom?  On Sunday, February 21st, at the end of our worship service, we will take a bold step in our mission of radical love and fly the Rainbow flag out in front of the congregation!


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