Loving the Hell Out of Stanislaus County

IMG_20160301_145347069I really appreciated Jeff Jardine’s recent column in the Modesto Bee,   where he gives a thumbnail sketch of the KKK’s activities here in the Valley.  Organized white supremacy activity petered out in the mid-1990’s but a recent social media survey found that Modesto ranked third among U.S. cities for anti-Latino tweets and seventh in the nation for the most anti-gay tweets on Adobo’s  Most Prejudiced Places in America list.

Ug, you say.  And boy do I hear you.  But this kind of stuff also makes our congregation all the more special and important.  I am sure glad we decided to fly that rainbow flag!   Because Stanislaus County is a place that really needs Unitarian Universalism to love the hell out of it!   What other ways do we feel called to love the hell out of Stanislaus County?

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: Promise Making-Breaking-ReMaking–We humans are promise-making-breaking-remaking creatures. Let us explore the messiness of promises. Worship Leaders: Rev. Darcy and Tina Godsey



Here I am, accidentally taking a photo as I stumble over a rock as I try to take a picture of our rainbow flag…kinda neat, huh?



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