This morning, I had a deep and rich conversation with a congregant. We talked about how


Speaking of curious, I found this Elmo is just hanging out on the side of Target!

entrenched people can become in their worldview, how easy it is to dismiss others.  Even for those of us who define ourselves as open-minded, close-mindedness sinks in. Our curiosity wanes.

I think about how many liberals are struggling with the Republican race right now — many of us are shocked at the values and rhetoric professed by the leading candidate.  How can anyone support those values we say?  And yet, clearly many people do.  Do we just dismiss those people as silly or stupid?  Or do we strive to respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person?  Man, sometimes it is hard to be a Unitarian Universalist…. I wonder if we could have some curiosity about those we see as so different from “us” and listen to the stories they have to tell.  Curiosity may have killed the cat but it won’t kill us!

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: Power of Inquiry–Humans create much of reality through the stories we tell.  What kinds of inquiry help us create new stories and new realities? Worship Leaders: Rev. Darcy and Sharon Arpoika

Mark your calendars: Friday March 25th, 7pm.  We have been invited to join with the (predominantly Black and African-American) Clinton Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church  to celebrate Good Friday, March 25th.  I will be offering a brief reflection as part of the service.  Though Good Friday is not traditionally a ‘high holiday’ for UUs, it would be quite meaningful to have a strong UU presence at this service.  Please email Rev. Darcy to let her know if you are joining her!