Waking Up From the Trance of Assumption Making and Overgeneralizing

IMG_20160406_161520938Standing in line at Starbucks, waiting for a Tango-Passion sparkling tea before I sit down with a congregant, I notice this on the bulletin board: The Rich Gray Memorial Shoot.  It’s a fundraiser for the Community Hospice Foundation.

Now, I must confess that at first I felt a bit of cognitive dissonance.  “Guns” and “Hospice” aren’t concepts that have intersected in my life or in my brain.

I guess hospice lives in the liberal, crunchy, granola part of my brain, while “guns” generally lives in the conservative, NRA, machismo part of my brain.   But why wouldn’t gun enthusiasts support hospice?

It’s so easy to fall into a trance of assumption-making and over-generalizing.  It’s so easy to forget that as we skim over the surface of people and events, there is so much more fascinating depth and complexity to who we are as people.  So thanks for the reminder Rich Gray and Community Hospice!

This Sunday, Matthew Mason and I will lead worship: How Not To Be Hypocritical–UUs are known for honoring rituals and holidays from many traditions.  When we showed up to Clinton Chapel, one person asked how we could worship there without being hypocritical. Why do we do this and how are we not being hypocritical?



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