A Princeton professor, in order to counter the culture of perfectionism, published his “Resume of Failures.”   I love this idea, this honoring that within achievement and success are contained so many invisible “failures.”  Maybe we should do a church workshop where we create our own resume of failures!

Last night, the Board of Trustees and Finance Committee held a joint meeting to finalize the budget that will be presented at our annual meeting on May 15th.  I showed up 30 minutes late (had the time wrong), but fortunately brought sherbet, so I was easily forgiven. Success, failure….what really matters is love.  Messy, imperfect, real, tangible caring for one another.  That is what church is about for me–doing what we can to cultivate love love love..with or without sherbet.


What beauty! Take just down the road from the church on Morrow Rd.

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: Labor of Tenderness–in midst of a callous presidential primary and divisive politicking more broadly, we will explore and honor the labor it takes to risk taking a robust and tender stance towards one another and the world. Worship Leaders: Rev. Darcy and Tina Godsey.




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