Singing and Laughing

Man, did we struggle singing that one hymn, #149 One Voice, on Sunday!  And boy did we laugh and just kept on trekking through it.  For me, that was one of the most “worshipful” moments on Sunday morning.  Because we kept on laughing and kept on trying, together.  If there is something that feels like a true spiritual accomplishment, it is the ability to 1)laugh and 2)keep on going together.   To me, it felt really good to be up there, failing to ‘successfully’ lead that song.  Or rather, maybe the song was outrageously successful!

Also, our prayers go out to Modesto Planned Parenthood’s staff and patients– an arson

attack early Wednesday morning means the clinic will be closed for weeks.  I’m in touch with PP staff and will keep you all posted if there is support they need!

This Sunday, join Avonelle Tomlinson and Tina Godsey in worship: May’s theme is ‘sing the sky’ and in that spirit, all are invited to attend, focused on mindful reflection and thoughtful interaction.


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