Biography Not Ideology

I cam across this phrase “Biography not Ideology” through a project called the “Urban Confessional: A Free Listening Project.”   A community of actors started to stand around Los Angeles with signs that said “free listening” and were open to anyone


Almond Ready For Harvest

who needed to laugh, cry, scream, or chat. This project has grown and is now found around the world. According to David Isay, founder of the StoryCorp, “listening is an act of love.”

Part of me totally says “yah! right on!”  The other part of me says “well how do we shift from listening to policy change…we need more than listening”   I go back and forth.   We need more compassion, we need to calm anxious bodies and minds down….and we need to address the real suffering that is going on.   Such mixed emotions…

But where in your life might this phrase “biography not ideology” come in handy?  Where in your life will it NOT come in handy?

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday.  Matthew Mason and I will be leading worship, as we explore the issue of Judgment–Liberal religion got rid of the idea of some final judgment. But maybe some judgment in our lives is exactly what we need.




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