Perspective Is Nice to Get

It’s so easy to get caught up.  We all have our day-to-day stuff, our struggles, our joys– so easily our view gets cluttered and filled up.   I always appreciate when I experience something that gives me some perspective.  And this week, what gave me perspective was visiting the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) office in Turlock.   The IRC was founded by Albert Einstein during World War II to aid refugees.  Today, the Turlock office of the IRC is working to resettle 50-80 Syrian refugee families A MONTH.  They are completely overwhelmed, struggling to find housing, transport families, etc.  Sarah B. and I met with the Executive Director and discussed ways we could partner and support them as part of our annual church auction (Saturday October 22nd fyi!)

IMG_20160802_144252851 copy

“Clean and Serene for Ninety Days” keychain found on UUFSC patio

As Sarah and I walked out, about 6 people were sitting in the crowded little office–people I guessed were refugees. I realized they were waiting, at least in part, because Sarah and I had been meeting with some of the staff.  My stomach thudded.

For at least the rest of the day (maybe even into the next) a feeling of gratitude and appreciation was much easier for me to experience.  My troubles just didn’t seem so big.

This Sunday–Connections: Near and Far. We are thrilled to have guest artist and musician Joy Willow from Sonora, CA joining Tina Godsey in leading worship.  Willow will weave poetry and music together with a reflection connecting past with present.  Joy Willow, is a classically trained musician, poet and “abstract naturalist” painter.






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