Boldly Going Where…..

Today is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek– and yes, I am a Star Trek fan.   I heard economist Paul Krugman comparing and contrasting the economy in Star Trek versus the economy in Star Wars.  Apparently, Star Trek was far more visionary in their portrayal of the future– the Star Trek world is a “post-scarcity” world, where there is enough for everyone.  People’s decisions about work are about a sense of calling,


Water Communion and InGathering This Sunday!

rather than what a job pays.  There is still conflict, but the fundamentals of the Star Trek economy are quite different than today.   Star Wars, on the other hand, imagines a world with lots of technology, but much of the same conflict and economic turmoil as today.

Star Trek was indeed boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before– portraying a future that I bet most of us would like our children to live in.   Vision is so important–what we believe so often impacts what we actually create in the future.  Believe in big, different possibilities and you are more likely to actualize a big, different future.   I once heard that science-fiction has been more accurate in predicting the future than scientific futurists.  Too often, we imagine the future with the same constraints of today.  Science fictions writers are far better an imagining the novelty we can actual create.

As we begin another church year together, may we boldly go!

This Sunday, I look forward to worshiping with you all: Water Communion: Healing Waters  From all the places we went or didn’t go during the summer, we gather again to recommit ourselves to building Beloved Community, to sharing our healing waters of hope.  Please bring some water from a special or mundane place or none at all in this time of drought.  Worship leaders: Rev. Darcy and Avonelle Tomlinson




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