A Request for Courage

Over the course of this past year, we at UUFSC have been doing some experiments in courage.  I think it was last February when we decided to fly our rainbow flag, though some expressed concern about what might happen to us if we did–vandalism? theft?  And then, when the shootings at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando happened,  we were grateful and proud that we had taken a stand–that we were doing our part to Stand on the Side of Love in Stanislaus County.  Well, in a few weeks, on Oct 9th, I would like UUFSC to continue our experiment in courage and put a “I Love My Muslim Neighbor” yard sign out front of the church, an idea we first started talking about last Spring.

This has been another devastating week: first, a small bomb exploded in New York City, img_20160922_133934740where the suspect identified is a Muslim American.  Then the news and videos about about the police shootings of Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa, OK and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC, followed by protests and violence erupting in Charlotte.  This world needs love–radical, transformative, courageous love.

One of the ways UUFSC can fulfill our mission to grow the Beloved Community is to publicly proclaim who it is we love, who in this moment, needs our love the most.   And we know our Black and Brown brothers and sisters, our Muslim brother and sisters, are in need of a whole lot of love right now.

Please share with me your thoughts and feelings about “I Love My Muslim Neighbor” sign in front of the church, either by sending me an email or giving me a call!

Worship This Week: Tina Godsey will lead worship, with Guest Singer Sydney Gorham: In Its Own Time: Forgiveness as a Spiritual Discipline.  A sermon by Rev. Maureen Killoren, delivered by Tina Godsey. “When forgiveness happens, something beyond our understanding is involved. But first we have to believe it is possible. We must believe forgiveness is possible…for us…because forgiveness does more for the one who has been wronged than for the one who has done wrong.”

Please wish me safe travels as I travel to our UU Congregation in Durango, CO this weekend! I will be delivering the Charge to the Congregation in their Installation Worship service for their first ever minister, Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris.


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