Caution- Low Visibility

We are in the middle of the annual “shake and sweep” of the almonds…I just need to say I really think we need to develop a dance that we can call the Modesto shake and img_20160920_171248432bsweep…but I digress.  Like many of our fellow Americans, I watched the Presidential debate on Monday and have been checking Nate Silver’s prediction’s about who will win the presidential election,even as I have read that polling these days is incredibly inaccurate.   It’s not just here in the Central Valley that people are experiencing low visibility.

Years ago, Katherine and I planned to meet up in NYC.  I got the train station and tried to find her, but couldn’t (this was before cell phones).  I got a little panicked….but fortunately we found each other.  And it was then that I realized a fundamental truth about myself– I don’t mind getting lost as long as I am with my people.

These weeks leading up to the election will be nail-biting ones for sure.  But no matter the outcome, we here at UUFSC have the same work to do– to grow Beloved Community, to build a broader group of individuals who we count as our people.   So no matter if we get lost,  we are with our people.

This Sunday, I lead worship with Tina Godsey: Children of the Same God
Drawing on history that suggests European Unitarians understood themselves to be part of the same religious family as Jewish and Muslim people, we explore and affirm the wisdom that “within one, there is many.”  Also, as part of worship, the congregation will doing a brief “commissioning” of our elected Board leaders. Islamophobia_final_version

Oct 9th, at the end of worship, we will be putting up “We Love Our Muslim Neighbor” signs in front of the church.  Please let me know what you think and feel about this!

Oct 16th: Brief Congregational Meeting Called to Approve Funds for A New Piano
The Board requests the attendance of UUFSC members at a brief meeting for the purpose of approving the funds to purchase a new piano, as our current one is no longer functional. According to our bylaws, the Board must seek congregational approval for any unbudgeted expense that exceeds 2 percent of the annual budget. The meeting will take place immediately following our October 16th service in the sanctuary. The Board will ask the congregation to approve $8,000 to be drawn from our Memorial Fund (money bequested by members of the congregation). Any unspent funds will be returned to the Memorial Fund. In order to meet quorum, we need a minimum of 36 members to attend.




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