When It All Comes Out

“Coming out”….this phrase has been on my mind this week.  First, Tuesday was National Coming Out Day for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer folks.  Second, since the video of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lewd and vulgar comments came out on Friday, women all across social media have been sharing stories and experiences of sexual assault.  Writer Kelly Oxford shared about the first time she was sexually assaulted in a tweet and then invited others to share their stories.  Her tweet got thousands of responses– on Sunday and Monday alone, 13,000 women responded.

Social media has allowed us to witness things we haven’t necessarily been able to see img_20161013_111430099before.  And while it feels overwhelming (at least for me) to witness all the stories pouring out,  in some way it feels like a relief.  What has been repressed and kept secret is coming out.  But the key to any kind of “coming out” is to have a supportive community that will hold and receive you–that will have your back.   Something and someone needs to hold the “coming out.”

When we put out the rainbow flag (the only one I know of flying in Stanislaus County) last year, when we put out the “I Love Our Muslim Neighbor” sign on Sunday, what we are broadcasting to the broader world  is that “you can come out to US–we have your back.”  In a way, in the past few years, UUFSC has been in a process of coming out– coming out about who and how we love.  And like with all “coming outs,” there has been some risk, fear, and apprehension.   But hopefully, with our own “coming outs,” there has been and will continue to be some liberation, freedom, and healing as well.

This Sunday in worship:  Have You Got Humanity Fatigue? Learn what it means to “take your turn in the Channel” when bringing the human race safely to the shore. Worship associates Todd Whiteley and John Patton will lead worship, with Sabine Klein providing music.

Reminder: Congregational Meeting This Sunday to Approve Funds for A New Piano Immediately After Worship!





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