Remember Beauty

Remember Beauty.  That’s all I really want to say this week.  Remember to pay attention to beauty, kindness, and generosity.  Because it is there, despite the sparse coverage it gets in the news media. I am not one to encourage us to look away from hard a


Sunset in the Valley- taken on my driveway!

nd painful stuff–some of us do that too often, choosing to live in denial of the suffering all around us.  But it is also possible to become so inundated by the injustices that we forget to notice the good.  Living a “spiritual life” for me means doing the things (meditation, prayer, contemplation, reflection, dance, and community) that help me to strike this delicate balance between witnessing and working for justice and compassion, while not forgetting to find joy, beauty, and fun in the world.

This week I found joy in the feminist solidarity sprouting up in response to the misogyny being espoused in our politics–women proudly reclaiming the “nasty woman” epithet as their own.  I felt joy when I heard the congregational meeting went well last Sunday and that we are getting a new piano!  And I found beauty in the cool crispness settling into the Valley at night.  Autumn is here, I can feel the retreat of the sun and my own self turning a bit more inward.   Beauty is here– don’t forget to see it!

I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual church auction this Saturday evening  and worshiping with you this Sunday:  Witnessing Stories of the Other–Witnessing means truly seeing– seeing what is real and authentic, even if such seeing brings up feelings of discomfort.  We explore the stories of people who  feel like “the other” rather than like part of an “us.”   Worship leaders: Rev. Darcy and Tina Godsey


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