Making A Way Out of No Way

Today, I sit in a reality that I feel has fundamentally changed.  Or my perception of reality and what is possible has fundamentally changed.  Because like so many of our liberal, and particularly White liberal, friends, I did not think it was possible we would elect a person who explicitly and blatantly expresses such racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic opinions.  So I am in a state of grief, in a state of profound loss of what I thought was reality.  “It feels like I lost a love one,” “I feel like I felt after 9/11,” “I feel so hopeless” are some of the common sentiments I have heard expressed.  Today and in the weeks to come, I beg us all to be gentle and tender with ourselves and one another. Our emotions may be all over the place, focus will be difficult, we may sleep more or sleep much less than usual.  Do what you need to do to take care of yourself– for me, that’s eating regular meals, walking, listening to music, dancing (here is a video of me Thursday morning), talking and reaching out to loved ones, praying and meditating.  Take care now more than ever.


Open Doors from Wednesday evening, right before our Post Election Sing and Share Service

And if you feel hopeless, that’s okay.  Just because you feel hopeless, just because you cannot see the way forward does not mean a way does not exist.  We UU’s may be a smart kind of people, but just because we cannot figure it out does not mean there is a way to be figured.  Black, womanist theologian Delores Williams calls this a theology of “making a way out of no way.”  Williams remember sitting in her (Black) church, listening to women testify to how far they had come by faith– witnessing them survive struggles they did not know how to make there way through.    I know I have made it through times I did not think I could– times where my world has crumbled and I truly wondered whether survival was worth it or possible.  You have too.

White supremacy not only brutalizes the bodies of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters– it poisons White folks like myself into thinking we are weak and have to figure it all out on our own– that if I as an individual do not feel or know something, than it cannot be true.  White folks too easily get robbed of connecting to that which is greater than themselves, that which is outside of themselves– some people may call this God, most UU’s are more likely to refer to it as community, friends, family, the Universe, Spirit of Life.  But we all know what it is like to get carried by someone or something else.  In these days to come, we will be both need to carry and be carried.  UUFSC will be called on in many ways in the day to come and we will answer the call.

So, be tender. Grieve the loss of the reality we thought we knew.  Sob, rage, sleep, dance, pray.  Most importantly, love.  Love yourself, love your friends, love your family.  Love the Syrian family down the street.  Love the Black woman in the grocery store.  Love the Mexican family on the sidewalk.  Because we are just beginning to embark on making a way out of no way.

This Sunday:  Making a Way Out of No Way – Special Music Sunday.  We welcome special guest folk singer Xanthe Alexis to help us connect to our sources of strength, courage, and power.  Worship Leaders: Rev. Darcy, Sharon Arpoika, and Xanthe Alexis.



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