Trees Are So Good At Letting Go

Every single moment of our lives, we are losing something, letting go of something whether we realize it or not.   On Sunday, we heard from all those gathered the many, things they were working on “letting go.”  Fear. Depression. Insecurity. Obama.  Mothers. Fathers. Children.

Political theorist Judith Butler says that it is “possible to appeal to a ‘we’ for all of us have


Trees are so good at letting go, but even they hang on to a few fruits!

some notion of what it is to have lost somebody. Loss has made a tenuous ‘we’ out of us all.”  In a time of political polarization and divisiveness,  the human experience of loss may be a powerful unifying force.   Sitting in the sanctuary with you all on Sunday was a visceral reminder of how much we have lost, how much we love, and how much we need one another.


As we enter the new year, there is much we need to let go of so we can move forward.  In the years to come, UUs are going to be called on to show up in more boldly loving ways. In the new political climate, more people will face more loss and they will need a place where they do not have to do loss alone.

This Sunday, my good friend Rev. Lucas Hergert of the UU church in Livermore will be in the pulpit while I preach in Livermore: Curse Of Blessings–How can we be a blessing to others, especially in a time of uncertainty? Worship Leaders this week are Rev. Lucas Hergert, Todd Whitely, and Sue Cotter

Wondering what to do around the inauguration?  Join UU’s who are attending the Women’s March in Sacramento on Saturday Jan 21st.  Many are taking the Rally Bus .  On Sunday January 22nd, attend the peace and justice rally at the 10th Street Plaza in at 2pm.  Or join me in the opening meeting of :

Exploring Whiteness and Showing Up for Racial Justice

Tuesday January 31st, 7:00 p.m. – location TBD.
Rev. Darcy and Rev. Wayne Bridegroom (retired minister of Central Baptist Church and 2014 winner of MLK Jr. Legacy award) are convening an opening meeting of Showing up for Racial Justice. In order to be of better support to local communities of color, this group will initially focus on building relationships and developing an understanding of the “soul-sickness” of Whiteness.



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