The Floom Was My Favorite Ride

While slightly scary especially when you don’t seem them, driving through the large puddles of Modesto reminds me of my favorite amusement park ride: the floom. It’s the one where you sit in a long “log” and then essentially take a kind of roller coster ride on water. And at the very end, there is a particularly long drop where water sprays up everywhere.  If you were an experienced floom rider, you knew exactly where to sit either to stay the driest or get the most wet.  What I recall is that the person in the very back got the most wet– the very front seat of the log was the driest.img_20170119_104356675_31565265864_o

I shared this with a friend of mine who rides his bike around Modesto as a primary mode of transportation– including in the rain.  “Hmmm, I’m going to remember that…it may make it more fun, particularly when I get doused by a passing car!” If you are gonna drive through puddles, if you are gonna get doused by passing cars, then at least try to have some fun with it.

We are all on quite the ride right now as we approach the Inauguration and the incoming administration.  There are gonna be some big puddles (perhaps rivers and oceans) we are gonna have to drive through.  But whatever we do, we must not give up joy, not give up our ability to find the fun because there is going to be plenty of fear, sadness, and anger to go around.  But fear and anger only can take us so far– love, laughter, and play must come along for the ride as well.   As I have prepared for the various vigils and protests coming up (I hope you will join me!), I realize that I have been able to build relationships, been more motivated to reach out to folks I might not usually reach out to.  As I shared last week, I came out to a Pentecostal minister!   And, when I reflect on this, I realize do feel some real joy through these connections I’m making.   If you have to ride through a puddle, you might as well pretend it’s a floom.

This Sunday in Worship: Becoming a Deeply Disciplined Half-A**–Perfectionism can paralyze us from taking important action; sometimes our spiritual work may be to cultivate habits of imperfection and just half-a**ing it. Worship Leaders this week are Rev. Darcy, Todd Whiteley, and Sabine Klein.

Join UUs in Showing Up For Love at these Upcoming Inauguration Events:

1) Tonight (Thursday) 6pm: Interfaith Prayer Vigil hosted by Congregations Building Community: This evening, Congregations Building Community, a local community organizing group that works with primarily Latino and Spanish speaking immigrant communities, is holding a vigil at 6pm. I will be there, offering a prayer. This is a chance to show up and support our Latino and immigrant brothers, sisters, and siblings! Saint Stanislaus Church, 709 J street, Modesto ca 95351. If you have yellow Standing on the Side of Love Shirts, please wear them!

2) Saturday Jan 21st, Join UUs at the Modesto Women’s March.  Marcia G and I are definitely going. We are meeting at 9:45am in front of CVS on the corner of Briggsmore and McHenry, to march as group. You can also join us at Graceada Park for the Unity Gathering at 11am. Feel free to call/text me to find us.  More info about the march here:

3)Sunday at 2pm, Vigil for Compassion and Solidarity, 10th Street Plaza. Join faith leaders and community members from around our region as we gather to celebrate the values of compassion, solidarity, and hospitality. Rain or shine– bring umbrellas!



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