A Flower, A Fruit, A Death

I know my heart has been heavy with the losses and changes going on, within our congregation and in the broader world.   It feels like we are saying so many goodbyes.  While striving to be gentle with my heavy heart, I also am trying  to remind myself of the wisdom Italian poet Diego Valeri shares in this poem:

You who have an eye for miracles


Amidst wildflowers, baby cows with parents lounging.

Regard the bud appearing
on the bare branch of the fragile young tree.
It’s a mere dot,
A nothing.
But already it’s a flower,
already a fruit,
already its own death and resurrection. 

In each bud is already a death and in each death there is a birth.   In this cycle of mere dot to flower to fruit to death, where is your heart these days?   Wherever you are in this cycle, I hope you are being gentle with yourself and are taking the risk to reach out so that wherever you are (dot, flower, fruit, or death), you know (and feel) that you are not alone.

This Sunday, I look forward to worshiping with you: Power of Goodbye: Within our UU community it feels like we have been saying a lot of goodbyes; not to mention what we are saying goodbye to as we live into our newish political reality. How do we find power in these goodbyes? Worship Leaders this week are Rev. Darcy Baxter, Sharon Arpoika and guest musician Jorge Torrez.

Tea Time with the Minister: Join Rev. Darcy on the following Wednesdays 3pm-4:30pm for some tea, casual conversation, and reflecting with one another on the state of your spirit and the world.  Rev. Darcy will offer a reading or prompt to guide our conversations.  Wednesday May 3rd, Wednesday May 17th, Wednesday May 31st, and Wednesday June 14th.  No need to RSVP– just show up! And if there is a particular issue/topic you want to address, please send me an email at revdarcybaxter@gmail.com.

Also, next week I will be taking a week of vacation, so will be “offline” from Monday April 24th and returning Tuesday morning May 2nd.  For pastoral care emergencies, you can reach me on my cell-phone or contact Pat E.  For other issues, please contact Brenda our church administrator or a Board member.


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