Hope Returns

There are some stories coming out of Sonoma and Napa Counties that have really turned on the water works for me–stories of deep care and concern.  Being a dog person, this video I have watched a few times over, because I can totally experience the shock and joy these guys must have experienced upon having found their dog amidst the ruins of their home (it’s a four minute video…I would recommend watching the last 30 seconds).  I love the sound of the man who is not carrying the phone-camera– it is so raw and unpolished.  And I love that the video cuts out just as they find the dog because who cares about the video when you just discovered your beloved whom you thought likely died?

Hope. Joy.  It is so important to tap into these things over and over and over again.  Our brains are wired to remember the painful and hard much more easily than the joyful and pleasurable.  And so that is perhaps why I watched this video a few times over.  Because it could tap right into my brain and spirit and I could viscerally experience the overwhelming joy those guys must have felt.   We humans need to experience joy, particularly in the midst of danger and destruction.  “Hope returns…” wrote the photographer of this photo of two brothers playing and decorating a statue of General Vallejo in Sonoma.    Indeed, don’t forget: hope (and play) returns.

I look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday: How to Remember- Memory is a tricky thing, essential to our sense of self and yet also so fallible and changeable. How do we remember and what are the things we want to make sure to remember?  Worship leaders: Rev. Darcy and Todd Whiteley.

Speaking of joy and play…this Saturday evening, a group of dedicated UU members are excited to bring you a night of joy and play (and yes, some fundraising) at the Great Gatsby Soiree! It will be a Gala evening, complete with costumes for those who like to dress up…..and any amount of bling for those who don’t wish to
have a period costume.  7pm at UUFSC!  And here is the Auction Booklet.




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