Holy Cow, New Life Takes Work

I remember during my candidating week with you all, when you were just getting to know me and deciding whether or not you wanted to call me as your minister, that I talked about how I understood ministry as midwifery.  “I cannot birth the baby,” I recall myself saying, “my job is to be here with you,  helping you breathe and focus, as you go through your own birthing process.”  After just coming out of two months of caring for a newborn I have to say I have far more appreciation for all that it takes to both birth and sustain something new.  Holy cow does it take a lot of energy.

IMG_20171204_153509761Katherine and I were reflecting on how there is so much attention on preparing for birth. Which, don’t get me wrong birth, is a really big deal (says the mother who didn’t have to give birth).  But as just a big of a deal (if not more so) is the marathon of parenting that comes after the birth. And yet it feels like there is much less attention paid and less preparation encouraged for the parenting part compared to the birth part.  As one friend put it, there is no epidural for parenting.   Maybe that’s why there can be so much focus on birth– it’s easier and more containable– more manageable than what comes after.  It’s like eating healthier and dieting.  It’s much easier to go on a diet, to change your eating for a week or a month.  It’s much much harder to fundamentally change how you eat on an ongoing basis.

So it has me wondering, what in our lives are we trying to birth? What have we birthed? and what kind of help do we each need to do the marathon labor of sustaining?

I look forward to worshipping with you all again this Sunday. I’m so looking forward to being back with you all!  This Sunday: Trusting Our Gut, Listening to Wisdom–In a world where ‘expert’ advice is so easily available, how can we strike a balance between the wisdom of our experiences and the guidance of experts? Worship leaders: Rev. Darcy, Matthew Mason, and Sabine Klein.


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